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December 28, 2019

Hudson + Bloum Design

Design by: Hudson and Bloum Design

Instagram: Here

Photographer: Lucy Call + Instagram

December 28, 2019

Hudson + Bloum Design

What are some things that inspired you while dreaming up the design for this project?

Our clients love midcentury and had several pieces of furniture that drove the design direction and palette for this project.  The stonework mixed with walnut millwork sets the mood and vibe.  

Do you have a signature design element that you like to include in every home? Something that makes you? 

We love to source locally and work with local artisans.  We try to include Sien + Co pillows and throws in every project.  

What was your overall goal for this space? 

Playful, midcentury mountain with layers of texture and warm tones throughout. 

Lastly, what is your favorite Triple Seven piece?

The bunk room with Arney Sconces in River. 

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