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January 12, 2020

Five-Eighths Architecture

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January 12, 2020

Five-Eighths Architecture

Five-Eighths Architecture/Design/Construction

We at Triple Seven are long-time fans of the 5-8ths crew.  Brad De Vries and Grant Jeffries have used many of Triple Seven's lighting (both custom and stock) on various projects and here is what he says about that:

Since we have used TSH products on a number of occasions and very different projects, I've attached the best photos from our portfolio that showcase those lights. Four projects are included: Voyager - a seafood restaurant located in Ferndale, MI, Lovers Only - a burger restaurant located in Detriot, MI, Color | Ink Studio - an artist space and gallery in Hazel Park, MI, Drifter Coffee - a coffee shop and roaster located in Ferndale, MI.


Voyager Seafood
Voyager Seafood

What is your design process? 

As a design/build firm, our design process is centered around the idea of totality. As a result, we are thinking about construction processes early in the design process and continue to design the project all the way through the punch list. Having a solid vision for a space, built upon inspiration, but also familiarity and consistency of materials, fixtures, and subcontractors is key. 

Do you have a signature design element? 

Not explicitly, or at least tangibly. We feel that our attention to detail makes all of our spaces cohesive and comfortable. It is our client's vision and goals, along with the existing vernacular that give each project it's unique identity.  


Color | Ink
Color | Ink Studio


How do you approach the design of your spaces? 

Each project starts with an initial client consultation. We use this meeting to see the future space, gain a sense of the client's goals, their style, and their budget. After a few weeks of concept design we present a schematic design package filled with floor plan options, sketches, material and fixture inspiration, and some construction methods and materials. We use the meeting to review and select elements for the presentation to define the project's language for there on out. 

What is your favorite 777 fixture? 

This is a tough one as we have come to love a lot of the fixtures. We are a bit partial to the custom chevron chandelier you built for Lovers Only (for obvious reasons) ... but if we had to choose a standard fixture, it would probably be the Le Maison sconces. They are super unique and supremely whimsical. 

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