Jess started Triple Seven in 2011.  The three sevens come from her own trio of lucky numbers - 7 is the day on which both of her daughters were born and the day + year she got married.  So, naturally 7 was her lucky number.  So began Triple Seven Home. 

While attending nursing school, Jess started TSH as a furniture company.  Something to let her creativeness flow to, something with less books and tests and a more artistic/therapeutic approach to down time  - Jess taught herself how to weld and welded all the steel furniture bases for every piece she designed and sold.  That quickly tuned into something she loved more than Nursing school and started TSH full time.  

Designing her own light pieces came quickly after that.  The eagerness that was put into creating something that truly and figuratively lit up a space, is where she knew her passion lie. 

Triple Seven Home lighting can be found all over the world - homes, restaurants, hotels and boutiques.

Jess currently lives in Grant, FL with her husband and business partner, Brian, and their two daughters:  Kamryn and Maison, and two dogs Beatrice and Jazz.  

Striving For: Creating modern pieces that will transition into any space is what TSH strives for.  Classic, simple, modern, chic.  

Favorite Material:  Brass is one of my favorite metals to work with - having aluminum running at a close second.  

Goals:  Over the past year, I have made it my mission to source not only local small businesses, but businesses that are in the USA .   TSH is very proud to say that all spun metals, cut metals and rods, metal accents + powder coating are done in the state of Florida.