Welcome to the New Triple Seven!

Welcome to the new Triple Seven Home site!  We are so excited to branch out to our very own independent site.  Triple Seven has grown so much over the past 4 years and we felt like it was time to finally have our own site where you as a customer can see first-hand all the brand new lighting and home goods that we have to offer.  

As some of you may know, our original shop was named Triple 7 Recycled.  When we first started out in 2011, we only made furniture made from all recycled wood. As we grew as a company though, we started branching into other home goods (lighting, pillows, decor) and we felt we needed a name and total brand change to reflect this new adventure.  So, while staying true to Triple 7, and hiring one amazingly talented artist, Mattie Tiegreen - we decided to go with Triple Seven Home. You can see our full design below!

Be prepared to see some amazing new lines coming your way!  In addition to our signature lighting, we'll also have textiles, artwork, furniture and vintages home goods that all reflect our love for mixing rustic with clean and modern.